WGA Press release from yesterday:

Los Angeles – Paul Howes, national secretary of the 135,000-strong Australian Workers’ Union, joined striking writers on the picket line in front of Fox Studios today in Los Angeles. In California for various meetings, Howes asked to meet with the WGA and discuss mutual labor issues.

“The AWU is one of Australia’s largest and most influential labor unions, and we are honored that National Secretary Howes took the time to join striking writers on the line,” said Patric M. Verrone, president of the Writers Guild of America, West. “This demonstrates the global solidarity and support that writers have won for their cause.”

“The struggle of these brave writers for a just contract is the entire labor movement’s fight,” said Howes. “Fair payment for Internet and New Media content in the U.S. is just as important in Australia. I am proud to be on the picket line here at Fox to lend my support and the support of the AWU to the Writers Guild.”

The newly elected Howes – at 26, the youngest office holder of Australia’s oldest union – has promised an era of renewal in the Australian labor movement. “The real views and interests of Australian working people and their unions should never again be swept aside and ignored by governments and business,” he said upon his election in 2007.

“And now he gets to picket in front of Australian business leader Rupert Murdoch’s office, right here in Los Angeles,” quipped a WGA member.

More than 200 marchers accompanied Howes on the line at noon on Wednesday.


lauraholl said...

interesting. yay for us aussies showing our support. but what was the big issue at our federal election this year? that the new Rudd government is based upon many ex union bosses. I guess Australia really does want to stand by the unions.

Asterios said...

AMPTP: "That throwing stick stunt has boomeranged on us!"