WGA Writers Thank Our Community

(Wanted to re-post this, and to thank the individual writers who organized and are sponsoring this event.)


As the WGA strike moves into a second month, we, a group of writers, want to recognize the members of our community who are out of work or otherwise impacted. While we support our union’s actions, we feel badly that the strike is taking a toll on so many people who are not writers. We know that many in the industry have been going through a tough time…and at this point we probably could all use a dose of levity.

To that end, if you are not a writer and are out of work because of the strike, we invite you and your kids to a free afternoon of mini-golf and arcade games at the Sherman Oaks Castle Park. We will provide pizza, ice cream and lots of fun.

The Details:
WGA writers thank our community
December 11, 2007
Sherman Oaks Castle Park
4989 Sepulveda Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

Unfortunately, we can only accommodate 100 people.
Please RSVP to wgacastlersvp@yahoo.com or 323.908.3076.
Reservations will be taken on a first come first served basis. When RSVPing please leave your name, number in your party (maximum of 6 per reservation), phone number, and company for which you work/worked. We will reply to you with a confirmation of your RSVP. All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. In case of rain, please call into the RSVP line to check if the event is being postponed.

At the event, we will be collecting toys as part of the Los Angeles Fire Department’s Spark of Love Toy Drive. Feel free to bring along a donation of a new unwrapped toy or sporting good, which will then go to a child in Los Angeles county who would otherwise go without a gift this holiday season.


Captain Obvious said...

An unsettling sensation of deja-vu washes over you...

Ahhh mini-golf... not since the advent of beer has pizza had a closer friend...

BTL Guy said...

Great idea guys! We don't all see eye-to-eye on everything, but it only takes small gestures to help bridge the divide.

A lot of us below-the-liners may be upset with the strike, BUT we're nearly unanimous in support for the Writers and hope a fair contract can be worked out soon!

How's this B*%tch? said...

Sounds nice. A good idea would be to have a representative available to sign non-writers up for Universal Strike Fund assistance. Don't forget about the workers in other states. They've lost their jobs due to this strike too and since there is less overall production in these other places they have even fewer options for employment. Poor Louisiana. Production there was a badly needed shot for people who had already endured the worst of the worst. They were just beginning to build again with the money that they were making from new productions.

John Aboud said...

Thanks to both BTL Guy and "how's this b*%tch." (It's kind of fun to type that last one.)

Good ideas both. I am personally very militant about not letting divides crop up because none of us can afford that. Pattern bargaining can either help us all or sink us all.

I hope the mini-golf event those dudes are setting up inspires everyone to brainstorm more ways we can build bridges and exchange ideas.

Captain Obvious said...

Us non-guild (not for lack of interest) writers kinda fall through the cracks in all this.

That's OK though. No crying. I'm not homeless. Yet.

399 Locations Sam said...

Thank You to those involved in this. It is really important for the WGA to reach out to the other industry workers as much as possible.
I'm with you all the way because I understand the strike and what it means to all of us.
While I live and work in LA, I am from the other La. and appreciated the mention of my home state.
I will not be at this particular event; but I just wanted to thank you.

How's this B*%tch? said...

399 locations Sam,

We have spent some time working in La. Warm, wonderful people, wonderful history and architecture, oysters beinville, etc....we have developed a great fondness for the area. We wish the best for the people there that we have grown to love. The showed us such hospitality. We're looking forward to going back again soon.

How's this B*%tch? said...

I think that maybe we non-writers should think about what we can do to help one another. It's hard to know what to do when the work is all gone. From an ethical standpoint, I don't feel that it is right to go out and take some job unrelated to entertainment, knowing full well that your leaving as soon as the strike is over. This dishonesty is unfair to a prospective employer. Besides, I used to work as a recruiter and they look for signs that you aren't staying. Anyway, I wonder if there is anything in the way of a fundraiser that we could do for our own (IATSE) folks. I think that if the public really knew that there are about 100 of us out of work for every writer, they would identify with us and care. Not to point fingers at the writers as the bad guys...it's the corps who won't play fair...but it is the reality of the situation. Whatever we did would need to provide value to the buyer/donor while raising money for those in need. We aren't looking for outright charity or anything. But some people are going to lose it all if this isn't settled fast and we outta come up with something ourselves if we can.