Speechless #27, and Profile on CNN

Click here to view a CNN profile of "Speechless." And here is the latest edition featuring a montage of SAG participants:


Anonymous said...

That was a very good video..

Brian said...

According to the YouTube stats, the most popular of these videos has had a pathetic 40,000 views, fewer than your typical YouTube video of a cat falling off a window ledge.

So I guess the "Speechless" campaign has been a huge flop.

Oh, well. At least Richard Benjamin can say he worked in 2007.

Truthinista said...

Nice...though, how'd Jay Leno get in there? Am I the only one who's heard about the potential scab-written jokes he'll be using? But, Yey! for David Schwimmer! Miss him somethin' aweful.

WGA 1997 said...

Dear Brian:

Cat falls off ledge... 103 views.

Another cat falls off Ledge... 2799 views.

Third Cat falls off Ledge... 179 views.

So, one Speechless video = about 39 cat videos and since there are 20+ of then that would be Speechless campaign = 780 cat videos... plus they were shown on all the major Networks, so you can add a couple million views there.

Who does you're math?

Oh, yes... you work for the studios.

Brewer said...

Great video, well except for the Johnny Carson hack. Please edit and re-issue as #27 rev 1. Thanks.

Eleni P. said...

this is no apathy! i am really sorry for all the miscomfort (even this word has a warm undertone that cannot reflect the writers' real-life burden).
Just a really warm support note from Athens, Greece.
keep the spirit, it is time for change.
(and i am really sorry for an America that watches more cats falling than people's disgrace and strive to get a better life)