New Mexico, Arizona, and Australia Show Solidarity

Pickets and rallies all over the states and the world are popping up in support of the writers' strike.

In New Mexico, on the College of Santa Fe campus, writers and supporters gathered.

Here's a link to the news video of the Phoenix picket of local Fox station sent to me by strike captain Teena Booth (who is on camera in the video).

Striking writers and supporters made this video of rallies and pickets in Australia.

We're all on the same page.


not a troll said...

How does this end the strike?

Anonymous said...

I love Aussies! This just makes me luv them more! I put this video on my site.

Anonymous said...

Can you guys make a few smaller icons? I would like to put some on my site, but some are just so big they won't really fit in anywhere! (see my blog for the HUGE pencil widget...lol) You will be able to see what I am talking about.

Captain Obvious said...

not a troll: The same way your commentary does?

Helen said...

Thanks, mates!

Gumby said...

This is great stuff. The pledge not to scab worldwide demonstrated to me in reality what I have known all along in theory. That the workers of the world must unite for their collective strength to be maximized. Socialist Worker newspaper and the International Socialist Organization supports you all the way.