Life on Strike

Life on Strike was originally produced for The Strike Show, a live comedy-variety show that raised money to benefit members of the industry who are affected by the strike via the Motion Picture and Television Fund. and features Ana Ortiz (UGLY BETTY), Nick Kroll, (CAVEMEN), and Kat Foster (TIL' DEATH).


Captain Obvious said...



Gotta love these little videos.
Happy Festivus, everyone!

kimmy2007 said...

Its Christmas and all through hollywood no one is talking , Why because they are all acting like brats! When will someone, anyone stop acting like a bunch of babies and get back to the real deal here? Both sides are acting like children at this point, All the going back and forth is not helping . all the talk about who left , who stayed , who said what and whatever. Stop the crap already and get back to talking . The new year is coming and I am sure all the people that matter, the crews, the camera people want to work, people are not suruving without their jobs here, the big stars don't have to worry , they have plenty of money , its the ordinary person who needs to feed their family , and they now don't have a job because the big wigs are acting like kids and running their mouths about internet deals and all the rest. Time to get back to talking, Enough with the blaming and taunting and all the other things . Keeping track of how much its costing is so tacky and how long the AMPTP has walked away is even tackier. stop the maddness and get back to work. This better not be a repeat of 1988. get back to work!

Ken said...

This is awesome. They should make more of these - I could literally watch hours of this.

Slgalt said...

Kimmy - and everyone complaining here (this isn't even the WGA) should write to the AMPTP 15503 Ventura Boulevard, Encino, CA 91436. Telephone 818.995.3600

They are the ones who left the table twice, they are the ones refusing to return.

Not-A-Troll said...

How about:

Where do you want the 4x floppy? - grip

Single or double? - electric

You hands were in your lap that last take - scripty

*Out of breath* Ok the streets locked up, Mr. Bay has his megaphone and the extras are in place. What else do you need? - Set PA

(the list goes on and on)

All of the above are asking the same question today....when will I get to go back to work?

I don't know the answer to that, do you? I mean you called the strike? You put them out of work so you hold the power to get them back. Make a deal already, one that is fair to the community, not just your selfish ways. Show some of that compassion you so preach. For once be the bigger group and get back to the table. Even if you claim the AMPTP walked away from the table you have yet to present a counter to their latest proposal. Isn't that the next step to all this?

Brian said...

Funny how United Hollywood doesn't bother to name the two guys who actually WROTE this.

Anyway, it's some guy named Erik and another guy named Jordan. According to IMDB, they're the writers of "Snoop Dogg's Father Hood." Is that even a Guild show?

Kevin said...

kimmy2007, I am sure the writers are itching to get back to work. But that can't happen unless the AMPTP returns. And they aren't doing that.

Thomas said...

not-a-troll, do you not agree that the AMPTP's latest proposal to take 6 pieces of the writers deal off the table along with reality and animators union rights is pretty selfish of them? Is it not right to say that if the AMPTP is not going to be flexible in all this then some resistance should be shown? What about the statement that the AMPTP issued after the last break away? Doesn't that prove that they were unwilling to negotiate from the beginning?

I'm for the writers. I love LOST. I'm going to be going in the movie business in the future. I want to see a fair deal. I can understand that the strike is hurting peoples well being. I do not live in California. I oppose the idea that corporate America thinks it can own creativity. That, is bullshit.

I'm just saying all this ahead of time so people get an idea of what kinda dude I am. Like I said, I agree with the writers strike, but I also thought dp had made an interesting point or two a couple posts back. I am impartial.

Pamela Jaye said...

A friend at work just asked me whether the strike was over since the late shows were coming back. I told him no, but I didn't have anything else to tell him - like how they can go back on the air, especially since - aren't most of the hosts in the WGA themselves? I saw their cute little videos at the Emmy's and they were listed as writers on their own shows...

So, what do I tell James? (he figured I would know) (I missed the details on UH Live when it was discussed - I was working while I was listening, and I haven't caught up on the podcasts since... I forgot, actually)

but someone is asking. and you know the public doesn't ask all that often. so let's reward him with an answer even though I'm obviously asleep at the switch. all I remember is that Les wouldn't let Letterman back on, cause he was afraid of the gang of 6 (or Counter, or whoever)

I don't watch talk shows unless there is a guest I want to see and even then, I only watch the guest's segments (and gee, I miss Arsenio)

hable said...

How do you writers sleep at night? While you whine and annoy everyone with your constant bitching, us BTL people are forced to suffer for your cause. Because of you, people are getting laid off right around christmas, and may never see another paycheck for months. I hope you're happy. Don't be surprised when you see that not everyone in the world wants to get behind you in support because, frankly, you don't deserve it.

hable said...

Oh great. Comment moderation. I see you are very trusting people. Now I wouldn't be surprised if I never see that comment again. I guess I just wasted my time.

not a troll said...

Moderating this site has killed it. Notice the hits are down?

Robin said...

That's the music from God, Inc. I love that show.

Ruthie said...

Habel blithered, "Don't be surprised when you see that not everyone in the world wants to get behind you in support because, frankly, you don't deserve it.."

All we want is to get paid for our work. Is that what we don't deserve?

And not-a-troll (right!), you truly are a champion of the working man. I've never seen anyone so willing to let others go underpaid as long as he keeps his little gig. What a selfish piece of shit.

Captain Obvious said...

The hits were down before the moderation was enabled, sweet cheeks.

This is the internet. Nobody really ever wants to register for something. It's just AOL Syndrome. Get a name or enjoy the commentary you see.

kimmy2007 said...

The answer to that is who cares who left the talks! It does not matter anymore , the question is who will swallow their pride and make the first move, I don't care who, the WGA, THE AMPTP , it does not matter now. Just make the move and get back to talking . this has gotten way out of hand now, will thje Oscars now have to suffer because of this ? I hope not, that would be a real slap in the face to everyone who is involved . get off your butts and talk.

usascholar said...

Man, the posts here are depressing.

But I do love the youtube stuff a bunch of these really great people are making.

Personally I have a small business that would benefit immensely with some of the genius that is out on strike right now.

I am not sure what I could offer any of you to help a small fry like me out with some video or funny commercials for my mom/pop shop, but if you are interested and have an idea of how we can barter or trade, please contact me.


I hope you guys have a good and profitable resolution, I completely understand why you are striking and support you.

good luck

kimmy2007 said...

almost the New Year and still nothing has changed, its a darn shame that during the Holidays nobody can be at least a little charitable and make the move towards a resolution in this thing. I am glad I am not a member of either side, if I was I would want to get this thing over with and get back to my job that pays! if I don't work I don't get paid. so get back to work so the people who are suffering through this can get paid and back to their jobs. It really does not matter whose fault it is that this happened, you guys can blame the WGA , the AMPTP, whoever you feel like , but the burden is on both sides , who have to act like children because they think its the thing to do. Nothing will be done unless both sides say hey lets get back to talking and forget about who did what to whom, and vice versa, it all comes down to who has the guts to admit this whole thing is wrong and get back to talking. It only takes a few minutes to say lets talk, now go do it! talk already!

bluestocking said...

I know it was a moment of craziness, but I clicked on the comments because I was curious to see what people thought of the video. I know better, but for a second I forgot where I was.

I have a dream... a dream of a place where people will comment on posts... a place where comment number two or three will not always be an astroturfer coming in to repeat
the same pre-digested, illogical material over and over.

--You know, I wrote that before I read further down. Now I can't believe kimmy2007 repeated his same diatribe on the *same post.*

I'm starting to look fondly at not-a-troll. He's saddled with repeating the same points too, but he made an effort to be creative with his first one here.

Ken said...

Kimmy... you seriously sound like a person I know who would have a forced sit-down with a violent wife-beater and the wife (who ran away twice) and tells them "You have to stop acting like babies and start behaving like adults.. It doesn't matter who apologizes first, you have to get back together for your kids."

It doesn't work like that. If there's something wrong, it has to be fixed before it starts working again. You won't get on a plane if there's a problem in the cockpit, and you can't force the pilot to "just drive already."

The strike didn't happen out of boredom or out of the writer's greed. The agreement between the WGA and the AMPTP is faulty and this is the way it is fixed - through striking and negotiations. This is the way labor disputes are solved. You can't just bring Dr. Phil and some nanny and convince/force the writers back to work like that.

The writers are the pilots and they don't want to get on that faulty plane until it's fixed. Call that selfish, but anyone would do the same in their position.