Give Me What Is Fair, Man

Thanks to Roberta Montgomery for this clip.


Captain Obvious said...

This is exceedingly creative. Good choice of shows/movies/etc to name to keep the pace and sound of the song moving properly.

Skyfleur said...

I really like it. It has a holiday rhythm that is really nice.

Good job.

jnfr said...

And it has the advantage of stating the absolute, bottom-line truth: Because of (you) there's.... all those good things.

Keep the faith, people. The fans are behind you.

Megalion said...

Any chance the lyrics could be posted somewhere? I can hear the music but being severely hard of hearing, I can't make out the words. I'd love to watch it and understand it too!

Justin said...

I second the request for lyrics, but in my case, just because I love it.

Heck I'm also willing to pay for a CD of this *one* song to be shipped to my house. (If he happens to have any other songs relating to the strike, I'd accept em too)

Just marvelous!