Baltimore & Atlanta Pickets

Photo from Associated Press: Actors Sonja Sohn (left) and Jeffrey Pratt Gordon (center) from the TV show "The Wire" joined striking screenwriter Rafael Alvarez at a Writers Guild protest yesterday in Baltimore.

WGAe employee Karen Young sent us links to articles from the Washington Times and the Baltimore Sun about the picket in Baltimore - attended by members from many different unions.

Karen also sent us a link to a video of interviews from the picket line - produced by Liam Hughes.


And, Rafael Alvarez sent us a link from Citypaper.com.


WGA Member Chad Darnell sent us this photo, and emailed a report from the Turner Campus in Atlanta:

In all, we had about 30 supporters join us, made up of Atlanta actors, college students from the Georgia State University Film School, film professors from Emory University, family of WGAw writers and fans of television.

Our little rally made the local news for the evening.

WGA Member Rob Kutner sent us this photo of his dad, Steve Kutner, next to a guy with a beard at the Atlanta rally.