AMPTP: New Proposal Will Include Coupons!

A video update from our friends at MegaPictures BFD.


Skyfleur said...

Laugh out Loud. These is nearly as good as the first one ;)

Good job, guys.

By the way, who are the actors ?

mountain said...

Great job!

But I kept waiting for them to have to make the 2nd correction: 50 x 250 = NOT 1,250,000, NOT 125,000 BUT 12,500.

For 50 episodes!

rachem said...

Yeah, I wonder how long it takes them to realize it's 12,500.

I find all the creativity and comedy that comes out of this really appealing. Some of the best works come out of times when the artist was at his low. Keep it up.

Scotty said...

Skyfleur said...
By the way, who are the actors ?


john (not lennon) said...
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Angel said...

I was going to comment on the luxurious colour printing of the coupons, but alas. Someone else beat me to the punch.

Who couldn't use a free second entree of equal or lesser value? If there are two in there I fully expect you all to shake on it right there and then.

RagingGurrl said...

Very funny!
Writers should circumvent the AMPTP and create independent shows on their own...Writers as producers organizing their own studios, a nice thought.