What to Expect on the Picket Line


1. Arrive to your post at least half an hour early – it will be hard to find parking. Expect to walk a few blocks. Expect chaos. Embrace the chaos. It’s our chaos.

2. If you don’t have a post, go to wga.org and pick one.

3. Wear a red shirt. Find other writers in RED SHIRTS. Sign in. Pick up your picket sign. Begin.

4. Stay on the sidewalks - they are public property. We have the right to be there.

5. If you feel someone needs to step up and lead - be that person.


1. Expect to be booed by some and cheered by others.

2. Expect to hear rumors that get your hopes up, only to be dashed when the truth comes out. It’s an emotional roller coaster ride intended to demoralize the troops – understand that it is merely strategy. Move on – full steam ahead.

3. Our jobs are now to picket. Four hours a day. Five days a week. Focus on the day to day. Week to week. Don’t let up until we hear that the negotiation has officially been settled.

4. Understand that the AMPTP owns a majority of the press – they will paint us badly. Don’t let it get to you. If you feel unclear on the facts -- talk to other writers.

It’s gonna be tough, but remember we’re doing this for each other, for future writers, for SAG, the DGA, the Teamsters, and other unions in our industry of artists and laborers.


J. Cline said...

This is really silly. I hate unions. You do realize there are English-fluent writers in other countries? Wouldn't be that hard to hire some creative scabs from Bollywood or wherever.

So thanks for cutting your own throats and exporting yet more U.S. jobs.

I hardly watch television anymore. And you can be sure if someone tries to levy a fee on me for downloading a file from the Internet, I won't pay it.

I don't consume your products -- and that goes for your studio boss hacks as well. Get together and figure things out -- or don't. I could really care less either way.

David Grenier said...

I care so little I spend my time reading the strike blog and posting comments!

Kate217 said...

Remember that there are a lot of viewers pulling for you. I won't be buying any DVDs or watching any full episodes online until the strike is settled.

Haley said...

Many fans are with you and so are many writers. Until it's over my television has gone off, no downloads, no DVDs, no watching anything from the major corporations or their sites.

I'm spreading the word, supporting the cause monetarily; I wish I could be there in person, but I'm too far away from NY or LA.

Anonymous said...

I'm behind you one hundred percent! Even people in England care about this. I have sworn off tv (not that hard, torchwood was the only thing watching) and am relying on buffy and angel dvds to keep me supplemented. As I'm not (quite) old enough to have a credit card, I'm simply going to nag my parents until they donate.

Good luck!! I hope that when I'm (hopefully) a director/writer, things are resolved. I'm supporting the strike, and telling my friends to.

On another, completely, well somewhat, related note, Joss Whedon is GOD! Thank you, that is all.

- James :)

HeatherM said...

I support you in spirit from the boonies in PA! I wear red to work every shift anyway as it is part of the uniform and I will make a red ribbon and wear it when I'm not working! I have signed the petition and wish I could be in NY or LA but can't. Fans are supporting you! Sure we'd hate to get a shorter season but we understand and know this is for the future writers and without you we have nothing but reality crap! Good luck and Godspeed! Stay safe out there!

Anonymous said...

I'm behind you guys 100% and hope you can make the studios see reason!!!

Good luck and keep the faith!

Skippygrrl said...

You go, WGA! Never give up. Ordinary people totally understand where you're coming from. Another viewer in solidarity in the Heartland (Madison, WI).

PS: Two words, j. cline, Bite. Me.

Julia said...

Go on with your strike, don't give up! Even people in Brazil, like me are aware of the strike and supporting your actions! You are the reason of why I love tv so much.

JJ said...

Good Luck and stay strong! I wish there was a picket in Chicago so I could come join you as a fan. Don't lose hope!

Just a Fan said...

Rest assured that many, many fans do understand the reasons behind your strike-and support it 100%. Most folks I've run into on the internet are well versed in the main points of your demands and think they make complete sense. Even people I run into in real life support you.

People like "j.cline" are either massively uninformed or purposely obtuse.

This fan, among many, stands with you.

artdeptgirl said...

This fan - and this production assistant - proudly stands by the WGA. Don't give up.

Anonymous said...

Right on WGA and WGAE, stand up for your rights and end the prejudice against people who use language for a living. I'm an editor and our pay is pitiful for the amount of $$ we make our parent companies. If only we had a union.

I support you 100 percent

Anonymous said...

Keep it up! The fans love and support all of you. Like others, I am refusing to use online services and to buy any DVDs till the writers get what they want. (Even though that means no BSG: Razor)

Anonymous said...

Another fan who fully supports the strike! GO WGA and WGAE! In next week's Tv Guide, there's a good "Guest Column" by Shawn Ryan on the Strike, hopefully it will educate some folk. Here's to some of the writers on my favorite shows; Desperate Housewives, Scrubs, The Office, Heroes, 30 Rock...Hang in there guys and thank you! Another fan for Whedon as God...
~ ~ ~

"We gotta go to to crappy town where writers are the heroes!"

Anonymous said...

I support you writers fully. I hope the best works out for you and I'm gonna do my part by only watching shows streamed from illegal sites so no one gets any money at all.

I'm Stranger than Fiction said...

As I hope to be a WGA writer someday, this strike is of particular concern and interest. And I appreciate what efforts you are making to get fair contracts.

and J Cline, employers are only fair because unions, over the years, have forced them to be. If you don't care then don't waste my time or yours by commenting to strike blogs.

Americans won't settle for foreign writers anyhow, because what they produce is so vastly different from what we expect. Try watching British television or movies, and figure that out.