I knew it was a good sign when the AMPTP resorted to buying full-page newspaper ads last week. Because you know who has to buy full-page newspaper ads? People who have grounded tankers spilling crude into a bay. People who have stepped in it. Even the font looked guilty. We're in a negotiation over the digital future, and they take out a newspaper ad? Maybe these guys actually can't figure out the Internet. And speaking of that ad, this video by Tim Carvell shows you the reality of digital download residuals:

Let's hope when conglomerates waddle back to the table on 11/26 they bring more than an "imaginary offer."

- The AMPTP Takes It to the Street (Video by Nick Jasenovec)

- Picketers Love Ray and Brad

- John Edwards at NBC Picket on Friday, 11/16


David Grenier said...

Makes me glad I support John Edwards.

Also, where I can I get me an imaginary Armani Tux?

Anonymous said...

When you have enough videos you should compile these into a fundraising DVD. 100% of the royalties could go to participating writers...

FultonCounty404 said...

WGA - Paris Misses You!
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rubberpoultry said...

Here's mine: