Tune in for United Hollywood Live!

The next United Hollywood Live broadcast will be today, November 26th, from 12-1:30 p.m. Pacific (3-4:30 p.m. Eastern).

Covering all aspects of the WGA strike, the interactive show will include interviews, live reports from the various picket lines and video clips.

Tune in by CLICKING HERE or by using the widget located along the righthand side of UnitedHollywood.com. The show will air Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with a podcast available immediately after each broadcast via the widget.

And while United Hollywood Live is brought to you by writers, it's not just for writers.

Fans and WGA supporters are encouraged to become a part of each broadcast via live IM chats, video feeds and phone calls to the studio. They can also embed the show on their sites with the code included on the widget.


ObesoTV said...

Four weeks guys...
Congratulations, you re making history...
From Chile and Spain i give you my support...

raillet1 said...

I realy do not see what they are complaining about, Actor's, Writers, Athlets ect. (THESE PEOPLE ARE WAY OVER PAID ANYWAY). I can entertain myself with outdoor activities ect. Do not have to have a TV set for entertainment or Broadway. All I can say to these people GET A REAL JOB. In the real word. Not in fantacy land.


OHN said...

Is there any one thing or one person that the general public can email or call to show our support. I would think that anyone with common sense would realize that the writers deserve a piece of the pie that they provided the ingredients for. (NO, I have no affiliation with any organization, I am a midwest, middle aged (but gorgeous) working mom.

Anonymous said...

Who cares if you guys go on strike? If television goes into repeats, maybe some people will actually began to do something really astonishing...they might pick up a book and read it. Or maybe they will splend more time together as families or go outside and enjoy the beauty of God's creation. With all the junk you guys produce, I think it is great that you a taking a break. Hopefully, your break will last a long, long time.

Ponchatoula, LA

cathochic said...

Main Entry: greed
Pronunciation: \ˈgrēd\
Function: noun
Etymology: back-formation from greedy
Date: 1609
: a selfish and excessive desire for more of something (as money) than is needed

What are you doing for the hundreds of people - most of whom make less money than you - who are out of work during the Holidays because of you? could you have thought to wait until spring? there is a February sweeps too.

You all make me sick.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the IA pays into the WGA health plan?

Writer in 'fantacy' land said...

It's interesting how the people who attack writers the most viciously tend to be those with the worst grammar. Richard Aillet, before suggesting I get a REAL JOB, how about you get a REAL DICTIONARY? (That's one of those scary big books with word spellings in it). As for JLW in Ponchatoula - good luck with all those books you're going to 'splend' your time reading while I 'a taking a break'. Cathochic, you did better, actually using a dictionary quote to make your case. Disappointing, however, that you define writers as greedy - and not the moguls who earn countless millions from product we wrote. Perhaps this was a genuine mistake.

English Dave said...

The trolls are out in force today. I heard tell of some big meeting going on? Could the two be related?

Fort Apache said...

Dear writers,
Your music video for "Speechless" is insufferably pretentious. Also: Matthew Modine is working now? Huh.
Get back to work. Those flash forwards on Lost ain't gonna write themselves.

Another domino said...

Stay strong, writers. It's on the AMPTP as much as it is on you if no one goes back to work. Eight cents per DVD is not much to ask. If you folks put an address up to send it to, I'd mail you a dollar myself every time I bought a disc.

Breaking one union is a step towards breaking them all. Don't think these studios will take the needs of their IT staff (who desperately need to unionize to get some sanity into their working hours) or their IATSE staff seriously if they make a strike this public collapse, especially if they do it through force majeur. They will have proven that all they need to do to break one union is to start firing another. Whatever the union leaders may feel, the brave individuals who are facing unemployment because they honoured picket lines are telling the studios that they will not be bullied-- don't turn them into suckers and let that be for nothing. Hang in there for a fair deal.

The writers caved to all of these arguments during the last strike and did what they felt they had to do for all the other people who depend upon them. You've seen how the AMPTP treated them as a result the very next time they tried to stand up for their fair pay. This time they're being backed into a corner. Writers are watching their work gradually move to a medium from which they CAN NOT MAKE A LIVING. If they get their way they will make sure no one else can make a living out here either.

Their attempts to devalue the creators of internet-based content are a threat to us all. Stay strong. We all need you to.

Anonymous said...

My whole support is for the writers, the creative genious behind good shows. Thank you for years of entertainment. You have my whole support and admiration. As for the studio executives, take a note, I prefer to get my teeth pulled out without anesthesia before watching any more reality shows. Stop being so greedy and pay the writers what they deserve.

As to the posters that have made negative comments...nobody is buying. It's clear what you are...

Gina Hale, A grateful mother from Texas, AKA, the public viewer.

Anonymous said...

With as bad as the writing is for many of the shows on TV, a prolonged strike is welcomed.

Randall, son of Johannes said...


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VDOVault said...

Fun show today Eric Trey & Budda...thanks for doing these

cathochic said...

So... because I think that you all, who make multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, who are striking because you want more, are greedy - then I am the troll? So be it. It's the haves vs the other haves bickering over their portions, all the while not caring about others who are collateral damage. Yes, striking and putting other people out of work during the Holidays IS greedy.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you're right, Cath. All writers make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Every one of them. Keep drinking the Kool Aid.