Supportive Voices Speak Out

(This is a fantastic article: “Greed is Good: How Big Media Wants to Steal From its Workers” written by Jonathan Tasini on the site workinglife.org. It outlines the specifics of what AMPTP executives make in salary, versus what writers make in salary - and how a small group of very rich executives want to keep it that way.)

Greed is Good

(Another great article by Mark Evanier, WGA member and blogger. From his site newsfromme.com --)

(Joss Whedon, WGA member, voices his support in the Reporter:)

Although an agreement on the project ["Dollhouse"] was reached a month ago, the deal didn't close until this week, so writer/executive producer Whedon
hasn't started writing it. With a writers strike considered imminent, he
might not be able to finish it any time soon.

"I'll hit the ground running, and I'll work until I'm supposed to, then I'll stop dead in my tracks and will pick up my picket signs," he said.

Although it interferes with his work on "Dollhouse," Whedon is in favor of a strike.

"I think the issues are extremely serious, and I think the studios are extremely entrenched," he said. "No one wants a strike, but it has to happen because (the studios) would not listen. I support it and will do anything to fight for the creative rights that the people deserve."

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