Simpsons Writers: "The Giant Media Empires Are Not the Good Guys"

Big thanks to Peter Rader and Hollywood Interrupted for this visit with The Simpsons crew picketing outside Fox!


PamelaJaye said...

If the strike goes on much longer, I'd like to let everyone have a preview of next fall's TV season (or I would, if my boss hadn't reminded me that it will probably start this coming January)

Next fall on ABC

(I'm having flashbacks to Real People, That's Incredible, and Those Amazing Animals)

Pam (just an avid scripted TV viewer on the side of the WGA, for the record)

PamelaJaye said...

Also, I'm terribly behind on strike happenings, not having read strike news for a few days. Can someone give bullet points. (previously on The WGA Strike) so I can catch up without reading for hours and hours? (I get the general "new media" problem)

Also, are you worried that the public will get tired and bored with the strike (as "old news"), or do you think the lack of scripted series on the nets in January will take care of that? (the AMPTP doesn't seem as if *it* will be hurting for money, if we all start watching youtube rather than The Office and CSI, and House and Grey's)

(shouldn't the advertisers be involved in this somewhere? they are going to really be screwed)

Clueless Bostonian in FL

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Barb said...

The Hollywood Interrupted Link is broken. Delete the last "/" it will work. Check it out, we've now got an anthem!! Very cool!

Daraxil said...

interesting, check this out too!


Dave Stein said...

While I support the writers in this strike, please change the ending of your skit. The attack on the Fox building is too evocative of the World Trade Center and 9/11.

ehollo said...
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ehollo said...

Hello, the virtual on strike link is
The video here was informative and :). Good for you Simpsons Writers!!!!

Anonymous said...

"And David took a stone from his bag and slung it, knocking the Philistine to the ground"