SEIU Rally - Strong Show of Support - Let's Keep It Up!

(The following is from WGA Member Joshua Beckett regarding the SEIU Rally that took place in downtown LA this past Thursday.)

Just wanted to brief those of you who missed the SEIU rally today. It was heartfelt...and loud!! There were many, many WGA members there -- it looked like there were almost as many WGA folks as SEIU marchers! And what a great feeling that was! Truly.

We writers have heard a lot about our unwillingness to support other unions when it counts. Here was an opportunity to prove all the nay-sayers wrong... and we did! En masse!

I think this is a great time to show other unions, that when we are asked for our support, we give it.

For the last couple of years, the WGA and SEIU have been sharing research information and attending public events in support of one another. The SEIU has been very vocal and visible in our fight. SEIU has sponsored billboards in support of the writers, and has sent drivers past studios with mobile billboards and megaphones. If your jaw just dropped, you're not alone -- so did mine when I saw them. That's why I and many others showed up today at their rally.

SEIU is totally committed to organizing and does a very good job of it. It's also one of the fastest growing Unions in America.

Today's rally was in support of SOULA which is an L.A. chapter of African American security officers whose potential members number 45,000. The NAACP is calling the SOULA organizing effort one of today's most important civil rights campaigns.

SEIU is organizing two more events, one on Monday in Century City at 3:45, and a huge action on 12/13 at 4pm, location TBD. I urge you go to one or both of those actions. and bring a WGA friend with you.

Go for any or all of these reasons:
Go because the SEIU has been there for us.
Go because it'll cut the monotony of picketing at the same ol' gate.
Go because it'll make you feel good.
Go because you can substitute your picket hours with these hours.
Go because it's not just a rally, it's a civil rights issue.
Go because this is an opportunity to show that we are serious about all Union issues.
Go because you'll feel part of a larger community of Union workers.
Go because you can bang on lots of drums and make lots of noise.
Go because the SEIU is great at organizing and we could all learn a few things.
Go because you'll hear a couple of cool new chants.
Go because all the people there are really nice and will thank you for showing up.

Hope to see you out there!

In solidarity,

Joshua Beckett
Strike Captain
Union Solidarity Committee


20 year writer said...

I was there Thursday too. It was a humbling and uplifting experience. I will be going back to SEIU rallies, proudly, to stand with good people who deserve our support. I urge all WGA members to join me. You will see the human face of wealth disparity in this country. You might be transformed. You might want to keep going back, even after our strike is over. You might get the sense, as I did, that, in the long run, these new human connections have the power to transform our country.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine what the SEIU would have in common with rich Hollywood writer fat cats. Does the SEIU know it's supporting people who don't do hard labor??

Evan Waters said...

Let's see, did the SEIU know what a "writer" was before this rally?

Hmm, that's a tough one, I really have to think about it.

slgalt said...

What SEIU has in common with writers are many are middle class (about half of WGA members do not earn the minimum 31k per year to qualify for health insurance).

Both groups are dealing with union busting and threats to their health and pension funds by multi-billion dollar conglomerates.

Being overworked and under appreciated holds true for most workers - what ever collar they wear.