Rumor Patrol!

RUMOR: WGA members are starting to hire "freelance picketers" to do their strike duty.
STATUS: Unconfirmed

Universal strike captain Jan Kimbrough noticed this Craig's List posting on Day Four:

Reply to: gigs-473080663@craigslist.org
Date: 2007-11-08, 3:15PM PST

I can't make it to my picket tomorrow and I need somebody to take my place. I want to go see friends in San Diego while I have time off work, and I'll pay somebody $40 to cover my four-hour shift. My strike "captain" doesn't care as long as there are people out there. I'll give you my shirt and signs and all that crap.

If this works out on Friday then let's do it next week too. I'd really rather not have to deal with it.

I'll disclose studio and show once we've set a deal. Let's talk.
We emailed gigs-473080663@craigslist.org to take him up on his offer. Hey, $40 right? Maybe gigs-473080663@craigslist.org is even at my gate at Disney: I could make $40 to do what I was going to do anyway! But so far, no response. At this point, we have no proof of gigs-473080663@craigslist.org's WGA membership.

Perhaps gigs-473080663@craigslist.org has a congenital condition that compels him to spend his Fridays at a world-class zoo. He'd call in sick, but that crosses a stark moral boundary.

But wait: There was no picketing on Friday the 9th. That was the Fox rally. My friends, this could well be a "psych-ops" smear by the AMPTP to portray writers as pampered douchebags on a "glamor strike." (Attention AMPTP: Whatever you do, don't pay to send the In-N-Out truck to Disney's Riverside Drive gate at 1:30pm tomorrow. Oh, the damage that would do! If I get caught eating some animal-style goodness, the strike would be broken for sure. I beg you, don't!)


Anonymous said...

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Captain Obvious said...

The networks just love to drop the words "All new" or "All new episode!" while advertising their programming lineups. The prospect of new content draws additional viewers. When the new content starts to dry up so will the ratings. Incessant reality television will have a similar effect.

John Aboud said...

Thank you for the praise!

But your url terrifies me.

Anonymous said...

'My friends, this could well be a "psych-ops" smear by the AMPTP to portray writers as pampered douchebags on a "glamor strike." '

Don't get too paranoid. It could just as easily be some anti-union nut who doesn't even know what the acronyms AMPTP or WGA stand for.

Lorelei said...

BS. We do not take the signs home. They go back to the WGA in the strike vans. This is probably another plant.

Anonymous said...

My husband is a picket captain and I have walked the line in support - after a week everyone knows each other on sight by now, so this is obviously fake. Too many mistakes in the listing. What a weird thing to post on craigs? Some people....