Phil Alden Robinson on United Hollywood Live

Oscar-nominated writer-director and WGA board member Phil Alden Robinson will be the special guest today, November 28th, on United Hollywood Live (12-1:30PM Pacific/3-4:30PM Eastern). Robinson has been an articulate voice on behalf of writers during the current strike.

Today's show also features live reports from the various picket lines, video clips and a surprise guest or three.

Tune in by CLICKING HERE (or by using the widget located along the right hand side of UnitedHollywood.com). The show, which airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday, is also available as a podcast immediately after each broadcast via the widget.

And while United Hollywood Live is brought to you by writers, it's not just for writers.

Fans and WGA supporters are encouraged to become a part of each broadcast via live IM chats, video feeds and phone calls to the studio. They can also embed the show on their sites with the code included on the widget.


Jorge Vaz Nande said...

Portuguese writers are just reconnecting their laptops after a one-hour symbolic shutdown of support with your strike. I hope you achieve all your goals. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the show. but I couldn't get the chat going or see the videos live.

Just the audio still makes for a great show.

I think that TV show writers see all the internet potential b/c of all the podcasts and webcasts that are done with writer/directors or writer/producers. Lost, for example...HUGE internet interaction.

I just want to say GREAT work!! I'm in NC and I am not a writer...but I support your cause and WE ARE ALL ON THE SAME PAGE!!

VDOVault said...

Another great show Trey Eric Budda & Jeff...keep 'em coming...at least until the strike is finished