Our New Roles

(Writer and Strike Captain, Pam Ribon describes shifting roles from scribe to picketer.)



Amanda said...

Not sure if this is the place to put this or not, but I wanted to show my support for the writers by saying the following:

I know some people have said that TV writing isn't a real job and that it is not important, but I disagree. I was reading the latest about Martin Firrell's HERO project. This is a great public art project about the need to redefine the hero. It is a project I would likely never have known about were it not for Joss Whedon.

Through my enjoyment of his shows I was connected to other things and made aware of other projects I didn't know existed. Because of a TV writer, I have become aware of organizations and projects that support things I believe in. Because of a TV writer I have had the opportunity to learn other people's perspectives and insights on issues that matter to me and to share my perspective and insights with others. It may not always seem like it, but TV is a medium of social change and like it or not, it influences people and society.

TV writing may not seem to some like an important job, but I think it is. It can provoke thought and dialogue. It can broach subjects that otherwise might stay hidden because, after all, TV isn't real life. And yes, of course, it entertains. And what is wrong with that? Entertainment is important. Escapism is important. Art is the stuff that makes the rest of it all worthwhile.

I support the writers' strike.

LaneHat said...

What a great article. And I love that it came from Pamela Ribon. I'm not in the industry and don't live in LA or NY. One of the main reasons I feel so invested in how this turns out, and want to actively support the WGA is that I've been following Pam's blog for years and seen her develop into a working TV writer. It's given me a sense of what a writer's life is like and it feels more personal for me.

Knowing, even in a limited way, the people impacted makes a huge difference. So I hope there are continuing plans to tell the personal stories like this. Afterall, you guys are the professionals so you know that's the most effective kind of storytelling!

anonymous supporter said...

Onward to Day 4...

Question: have you heard the rumor that picketing at CBS Radford will begin tmorrow with an extra early shift of 5am and conclude with an extra late shift of 9pm?

You guys are amazing. See you out there.