Odds and Ends

We're working on getting United Hollywood kicked into high gear today. It's going to be an incremental process because, you know, we're kinda winging this whole "blogger" thing. But behold...there's a somewhat prettier layout and videos on the right hand side, including one about some people who work on some little show called "The Office." Shrug.

We're going through our email and seeing a ton of great feedback and messages of support. If you're waiting on a response to something, sorry for the delay, we're getting to it. In the meantime, here are two of the links people have sent in:

Robert Redford and friends supporting the writers.
There's some video of Mr. Redford in case you're sick of reading.

Andrea King's report on what the picket lines are like.
Because not all of us have been hit by cars. Yet.


Kara said...

Hey, you guys should add the Writers Strike Twitter feed to your blog.
Go to your layout - add a page element (rss feed) and add this:

Candymarl said...

Keep going. I'm neither in Hollywood nor a writer. However, I agree with your stance. You write it you get paid for it. Period.

Anonymous said...

Are there any strike locations in NY for us East Coasters who aren't in the Guild, but want to walk a shift?

Jamie Coville said...

WGA should consider putting up a donate through paypal button so non-WGA supporters can show their support you financially as well. The extra money may come in handy if the strike is a long one.

But when dealing with cause donated money, you need to be transparent with how much is raised and how it's being spent. Plus you need a method of redistributing any money left over after a settlement is agreed upon. Either a method of giving it back to those who donated (which I think can be worked out with paypal) or donating it to a charity.

Either way, make sure you let people know on the webpage what will happen with the extra donated money *before* they donate. That information will answer questions some people will have and encourage donations, plus it will save you a lot of headaches after the strike is over.

CL said...

Echoing the previous commenter, could you please let us know how ordinary people can help? I am a random TV fan who doesn't live in New York or LA, and I want to know if there is anything that I can do to support the writers. Should we be signing petitions, writing letters to the editor, sending money? Is there anything else we can do to support the strike?

IM Anonymous said...

Any truth to the rumor that there's supposed to be a huge rally at Fox tomorrow (Thursday)? And are we all supposed to be there or are we still supposed to report to our regular strike locations?

Baylink said...

The new layout is nice; I particularly like the updated tagline - in American Typewriter, no less. :-)

I concur on the paypal thing, and make clear that it might just buy pizza for the strikers; as long as you're clear up front about what you'll use the money for, few will complain. And 5 bucks at a time adds up *really* fast.

Put the donation page on it's own URL, and have someone make up a button people can use to link to it.

And, really: strike signs with nothing written on them. The reply ("we're on strike: we're not *writing*") will bubble up through the news cycle all by itself.