Damon Lindelof, creator of LOST, and Marc Cherry, creator of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, give a pretty simple explanation for why Internet and new media is such a big deal, not just for writers, but for everyone who produces or watches films and television. Also discussed: The Bank of Marc Cherry's Mom.


Kim said...

Bless your mom, however the writers deserve their due. If they took the route of a "safe job" our lives would be gray. Many workers unload and unwind watching the creative products of the writers.

I don't watch many TV programs these days but the ones I do watch are great (I love Brothers & Sisters!)

My hope is that the writers not only gain financially but that they also are able to have more influence in programming.

I'd love to see more workers rights content on TV to counter "the unions are dead or dying" meme.

JOpinionated said...

Love it. The higher profile writers and actors who are picketing put a face to and represent the reality of the strike and the future of so many beloved series. Their show of solidarity is integral to the support of fans everywhere.

jcpbmg said...

i completely agree, the more high profile the strikers the closer home it hits the fans and the better it plays in the media (well, i suppose just to a certain extent). there's no doubt the fans start to pay attention when they see steve carell, patrick dempsey, marc cherry, greg berlanti, and co outside with picket signs.

it's no longer faceless writers (considering most people don't read the credits) but instead the big names that they see on their ipod screens every week.

IM Anonymous said...

Any truth to the rumor that there's supposed to be a huge rally at Fox tomorrow (Thursday)? And are we all supposed to be there or are we still scheduled to report to our regular strike locations?

Michele said...

So how does the average American media viewer help support you? For those of us NOT in LA or NYC how can we get the word out that we believe the studios and networks need to step up and give the creative folks their due?

It's time to remind the studios and networks that without those folks who make media entertainment we would all be laying in our backyard pointing out cloud shapes for hours at a time.

Advertisers would have nothing to tag their commercials too - whether in my living room or when forced to watch soda and ads for military recruitment in my local cinema.

Let us know how the average american can help and you have my support.

Good Luck - keep up the fight

Tara said...


jcpbmg said...

let's not forget there is one person other than the studios making money off of the strike, Nikki Finke

isn't it quite ironic that the majority of the ads on her page lately have been from studios (advertising movies)

jonna.awesome said...

I'm so sad! I love good tv, and there is no such thing as good tv without good writers.

I hope you guys get your due compensation soon!

I don't know what I'll do if Lost doesn't start back up in February!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lindeloff is out of his mind if he really thinks all TV programming is going to be delivered via the Internet in 5 years. Only 52% of American homes have a broadband connection currently, and many will never be able to have it. The bandwidth of current connections is nowhere near what is required for HD equivalent broadcasts.

NYer said...

Five years is a bit optimistic, but it's already starting; see Apple TV for example, plus all the cable and telecom companies that offer TV + internet + phone (VoIP) package deals.

The old system will stick around for a while, sure, but give it ten years and the scenario they're talking about will very likely be the dominant one. Digital HDTV just makes it easier.

Dave said...

Damon is right (to a point) about the Internet becoming a primary transmission medium for their work. What the Internet has that TV lacks is the interactive element. With downloads, you can more accurately track not only how many people are watching your show, but also the demographics of the audience. It's not an exaggeration to say that downloads of shows may soon become the determining factor for whether or not a show gets renewed.
Renewed shows = more scripts to write.
The WGA can not let this opportunity go by. If they do not get in the door now, they will not get in at all.

In Solidarity,
TWU Local 203
Calgary, Canada