Heard on the Picket Line: Day 2

Picketers have sent me tons of great anecdotes and quotes. I'll post several more ASAP. -JA

UNIVERSAL: We can do the Jurassic Park ride later

Apparently, there was a Teamster present who just happened to be visiting from out of state with his wife. Somehow he stumbled across the shoot and told his wife he wanted to join the picket line. She basically said, "Are you crazy?" And he answered something like, "We're Teamsters, that's what we do."

SUNSET GOWER: Getting stressed out in there?
Hi. I was at the south end of the Gordon street lot at Sunset Gower on the morning shift. One of the people I stopped and gave a leaflet to apologized for being there, but she was a masseuse summoned to the set. Life must be tough on the inside!

CBS TELEVISION CITY: Big glasses, big heart
Genesee gate. Drew Carey sent us out ten pizzas today. As one writer put it, "The man gave up half his lunch for us!"


Shrill, Loudmouth, Nagging B* said...

Just wanted to share my support for the strike.


J.K. Mahal said...

Ditto for me... though I think Shrill may say it better.


Charlie said...

Any word on new negotiations set for any time in the near future? The only way this is going to get resolved is by talking...so hopefully both sides are pushing for that to happen as soon as possible.

I'm behind the writer's 110% but I still don't want to lose my job.
But this is a lot bigger than me and my job. Worse comes to worse, if that's the sacrifice that I have to make for them, then so be it. I'll pack my office up with a smile on my face and join them on the lines.

But in the meantime, I'm praying for a quick resolution...

C.S.Strowbridge said...

Is there anyplace where we can donate money to help the strikers?

Anonymous said...

donate money to the strikers??? lol how about to the countless P.A.'s and Assistants who are going to be decimated by this strike?

David Grenier said...

WGA may have a strike fund they can accept donations for, but they don't seem to be pushing that right now.

If the PAs and assistants and others are also in unions like IATSE or the Teamsters, they may have hardship funds that help in this sort of situation. If so, you may want to try to contact those unions to see where you could donate money.

That is, if you actually care about PAs and assistants, and aren't just feigning concern to get what you think is a zinger in against the Writers.

Remember, the longer the picket line, the shorter the strike, and solidarity makes us ALL stronger.

Jay Baxter said...

I was at CBS on Tuesday. Tom Bergeron ("Dancing With the Stars") handed out twenty $20 Starbucks cards to the picketers.

Anonymous said...

I usually don't have a whole lot of love for unions (at least when taken to the extreme, like UAW or the NYC teachers), but from what I've read from a wide range of sources management has really left you with no other choice. Folks probably saw this coming 10 years ago as far as internet distribution goes, though only now that broadband is fast enough to carry video does the rubber meet the road. FWIW, y'all have this Reaganaut's support.

I can definitely find something else to do until y'all settle, I mean, _Mass Effect_ alone will probably own me for a couple months.. .

sapphic_beats said...

go Teamster guy on vacation!!!

DWS said...

I know we're all clever. But please, let's stop mocking people who are supporting our cause. Especially powerful SAG actors like Carey.