Giving Thanks

It's Thanksgiving week, and in the spirit of that we hope all our readers will take some time to help those in need to whatever extent they can.

The excellent LiveJournal community wga_supporters recently ran this note from David Rambo of CSI:

The WGA currently has a $12 million strike fund. However, the people who will need assistance as this drags on longer are those in film and TV who don't have access to the strike fund: the office assistants, crew members and actors. They will really need the help to be able to continue in support of our strike, and there's no fund for them. There is, however, a wonderful 125-year old nonprofit organization that provides direct, confidential assistance to all entertainment professionals in need, such as those I just mentioned. It's called the Actors Fund, and you can find out more or make a donation through their website.

If you do donate, let the Actors Fund know that your contribution is in support of those affected by the writers strike. They'll appreciate it, and so will I.
Since David's post, the WGA has established its Union Solidarity Fund to benefit members of unions other than the WGA. The Pencils2MediaMoguls campaign will donate money remaining after the pencils have shipped to the Union Solidarity Fund. Once an online donation system for the USF is in place, we'll post it here.

Keep checking our site for other announcements about donation and assistance opportunities. And please use our comments section to post information about fund drives and worthy groups assisting people in the business and beyond. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't have said it better. This Thanksgiving, I have reason to praise the strikers. Thank you for halting the production of the abomination "angels and demons". The despicable sequel to the repulsively God-hating Da Vinci Code. Thank you again writers, and God Bless America. Now maybe Ron Howard and Tom Hanks can decide how much their souls are worth.

Anita said...

Thanks for the link. Its nice to know there's already an established fund that can help out some of the 'non-writing staff/crew' that are being impacted by the strike. Even though they're union members, when their union isn't the one striking, their own strike fund isn't going to help. I hope the WGA wins this battle soon!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I think it's in really bad taste for Campanile to be offering a $18 meal for WGA members they're calling 'Wrtiers Soup Kitchen.' I appreciate the discount, but, especially given the timing, it's offensive to compare whatever hardships we (or anyone who can afford an $18 dinner) are enduring to the hardships that the homeless and impoverished people who actually go to soup kitchens endure.

Maybe the WGA or some strike captains could ask them to change the name?

Anonymous said...

Quick Question - You mentioned that the WGA set up the Union Solidarity fund for members of unions other than the WGA. What about other members of the crew that aren't part of unions - like the Production Assistants? Where can they get help, since they are also being let go?

Anonymous said...

i'd like to echo the Quick Question posted at 7:42 --

i totally support the WGA -- but i have a child who is a production asst , and i'd like to know if i have to budget for her living expenses.


keep up the good fight!

best of luck, concerned mom

Anonymous said...

We have to do better with the pencils 2 moguls for the Union Solidarity Fund. $390,000 will barely covers the lost wages of 78 people when hundreds have lost their jobs and thousands soon will. There are 50,000 IATSE alone.