Friday's One Stop Shopping at Fox

The Guild has announced Friday's picket. And it's Fox all the way at 10:00am.

We'll be getting more details, but in the meantime, we should spread the word that everyone should wear red t-shirts. Even if there aren't enough WGA Strike t-shirts, red should be the order of the day. What a strong statement that photograph will make.

And bring cameras or cell-phone cameras so you can make your own record of the event.


Anonymous said...

Is there a petition that consumers can sign online to support the Writers Guild? I have no affiliation with any group in the entertainment industry (other than radio DJ), and I live on the East Coast, but this is going to affect me and my job, too.

What will I talk about on Fridays, when there are only re-runs of The Office, the night before?

Please let me know how I can help, and where I can direct my listeners to go in order to help.

Good luck, God Bless, and May the Force be with You!

~Mandy Exly
Kiss 94.5

C. St. Cross said...

Please tell us how we can help, even "mere" viewers who enjoy the writing of these gifted people so much. Can we raise money for strike support by voting for a favorite picketer (I know Joss Whedon is out there--and shouldn't he be wearing a Browncoat, BTW?), or send round a collection bin to provide strikers with coffee or pizza?

Another thought--there's a red t-shirt out there with "EXPENDABLE" written right across, in reference to the Star Trek "Red Shirt Brigade". What if a group of strikers wore these shirts and were photographed as a bunch of "corpses"? Or wrote a big NOT above EXPENDABLE to wear while marching?

Please, please tell us what we can do to show support.

boadicea said...

I'm not close enough to join a picket, but decided that for the duration of the strike I won't be watching anything but news (and already paid for DVDs).

Just called and cancelled HBO from my cable box.

If there's anything else we in the public can do, we're relying on y'all to let us know.

Baylink said...

Thanks to CSC, for pointing out to me that perhaps the choice of Red Shirts was purposeful, and not just because none of the writers in *this* WGA officers slate ever wrote for Star Trek. :-)

David Latt said...

You can do many things to support the Guild. On the main page there are petitions you can sign. Also, you can write or email the sponsors of your favorite shows and tell them how much you want your show to continue (or in some cases, come back on) and that you don't understand why the Producers are refusing to be reasonable....
All those efforts add up. And we'll appreciate everyone who supports our cause.