Friday is Impromtu Fan Day

(From fans4writers.com:)

Fans should gather at Universal Studios beginning at 11:00 AM. We have a customizable picket sign (pdf) you can use. Mingle with other fans, wave your signs, experience the thumbs-up and honking car horns of passing drivers.

Then, when the time comes, head to NBC Burbank, where many striking writers will be headed, in time for a larger strike rally to be visited by presidential candidate John Edwards beginning at 1:45 PM.

This is a relatively last-minute event, so spread the word far and wide. And keep an eye out here for future developments, because preliminary discussions are underway for a much larger Fan Day event to show the Companies just how much fans support the writers have.

Update: Some more specifics. Bear with us, since this isn’t a Fans4Writers-organized event, and we’re gathering the details as quickly as we can. Some new information has come out as to which shows will be picketing outside Universal (along Lankersham) during tomorrow’s impromptu Fan Day.

Main Gate: Battlestar Galactica
Gate 1: Desperate Housewives
Gate 2: CSI, King of the Hill, Friday Night Lights
Gate 3: Law & Order, Law & Order: SVU, The Office (optional event for them)
Gate 5: Ghost Whisperer, Bionic Woman, Carpoolers

This does not, of course, mean that only fans of these shows should show up for this event. And there remains the real possibility that other writers will be there as well.

(For further updates please keep checking fans4writers.com.)


Anonymous said...

right - waste your day!!!

The Night Scribe said...

Though I will be unable to get to LA my sign would say,"Go WGA,call the FEDS and open the books."

Anonymous said...

WGA these tactics you’re employing are disgustingly selfish. You're driving the REAL middle class out of the industry, people who; don't have agents and multi-million dollar deals, have to work just as hard and as long to make it in the business and then deal with the same job uncertainty you do with much smaller pay and without residuals every month… these are the people that will suffer the most from your selfish strike because they can’t afford to be unemployed for 6 months like you.

lexigeek said...

I just got word this evening that Gate 5 is also going to be for fans of "Life."

Anonymous said...

So, which is it? The writers are either elitists or they're poseurs? The truth is that most of them, like me, are middle class. We don't get weekly paychecks. Sometimes we get them only once or twice a year. Sometimes a year or two can go between checks. What do we live on? Planning and piddling residuals. Nobody made us do what we do. The same goes for you. But if someone didn't pay you for your work, you'd be a fool to accept that. We can't stay in this business and keep a day job like we used to when we were young because more than half of being a writer is looking for work. And when we are looking for work, either between jobs or sometimes while we're still working on one, we have to give away time and material to studios who poach from our pitches and keep picking our pockets. Why on earth are you siding with the studios. Put down
the Kool Aid and pick up a sign and let's get this overwith.

VDOVault said...

Here's my worry with this particular event...the focus of the news media will shift to Edwards and his campaign for president (and possibly be all about how viewers and fans of the work writers will be morphed into John Edwards supporters) and not be on the writers who are striking or the people who are getting hurt.

My 2 cents and I'd walk a picket line if I were close enough, but no way would I go on a day where some politico was trying to manipulate it to his or her own advantage.

Just sayin'

kaysi said...

Oh man, do I wish I could be there!! I really hope I can make it to the "much larger Fan Day" that seems to be in the works... I live in Reno and will probably have to take time off of work to join the picket lines, but if I can possibly work it out to be there, I will!! I fully support the WGA!!

Dan said...

Umm... it's spelled "Impromptu" not "Impromtu."

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

the wga strike is a big publicity stunt for verrone and young. after all, you don't see the top executives of the uaw and celebrities come out in support of the other unions when they're on strike.

and you certainly don't see loyal car buyers, shoppers willing to send food to the 'front lines' of other striking unions...

the scribes are eating better than many poor people in the communities from where the fans are sending support...

it's a big shame