Day 2: The Madison Gate at Sony

Day 2 we had an even better turnout at Sony. I've had a smaller group (20+) at the Madison Gate, where the executives would be expected to come and go, but they're still in short supply because word has it they're staying away and having their assistant's rolling calls to their houses. Jon Avnet did spot Amy Pascal on her way into the lot. She rolled down her window and pantomimed,"I'm sorry." From her lips to Nick Counter's ears....

A much larger group gathered at the Overland Gates. Patrick Verrone stopped by to give us a personal update. A very generous leader to visit the troops on the front lines. His visit was much appreciated and gave many of us a chance to ask questions about the progress of the negotiations. Or, non-progress, at least for the day. Some members pressed to have give-aways like DVD rentals put back on the table (since the AMPTP didn't reciprocate with financial incentives or open the door to digital media).

On Day 2 many more people used the Madison Gate. At our location, as around the studio, lots of cars passed by, honking their horns in support. More actors came out. Drivers too are showing that they back our effort. Two teamsters refused to enter the lot when they saw our pickets.

One truck, on Culver, was about to enter a side gate, when he saw the pickets and refused to enter. Guards from the studio were forced to unload his truck on the street. The milk man would not cross our picket lines, so the guards make the trek, back and forth, their arms loaded down with milk. The other truck, I'm told, was in the left turn lane about to enter the Overland lot, when he decided he couldn't cross the picket line. His response was dramatic: he left his truck idling in the street and walked away.

Actors. Teamsters. Writers. So great to see everyone focused on a common objective.

Tomorrow we'll do it again. We're getting our rhythm. We've learned a couple of practical lessons: sensible shoes, sun screen, and bring a snack. Walking the picket line is tiring, but the time goes surprisingly fast. We're doing serious business, but the experience is made way more pleasant by having the chance to get away from our computers and talk with fellow writers.
All the best. See everyone tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I understand where the writers are coming from. What I don't understand is why the actors have not stepped up and taken a couple hundred thousand $$ pay cut. Like they say, if it wasn't for the writers we wouldn't be able to act.

Anonymous said...

Then Quit, everyone is replaceable.