Coming soon to United Hollywood...

As announced on Deadline Hollywood Daily:


Actors, writers and directors coming together in solidarity. For more info, check out Deadline Hollywood Daily.


Anonymous said...

Maybe somebody should ask the DGA to run a supporting ad...something along the lines of a silent film or a totally blank screen.

No writers, no dialog.

Or maybe

No writers, no movie.

Oh, never mind...it's the directors who create the movie. I forgot who's really important in this process we call filmmaking.

Anonymous said...

What about the writers for Frank TV- that premieres tonight? Are they not part of the wga? Was it just recorded a long time ago? Is IBS affiliated with the opposition? I'm really curious to know, but I don't know where else to look to find out.

Anonymous said...

on a completely unrealated note, an Austrian newspaper "Der Standard" wrote a piece and included the LateShowWritersOnStrike.Com Late Show Writers On Strike.

Here is the link


Here is the translation of what they wrote about us.

" Bush stupidly, Al Gore a lot of fat "

The US-author's strike has the first results: Popular Late Night shows like those of David Letterman stand before the compulsive break. Meanwhile, ORF also gets the dependence on the American standard market to feel.

One looks at Joe Grossman that he spends his time mostly at the desk. His face is white like a cheesecake. Long days and half a night crouch he on the computer, until they are ready, the witty sayings which David Letterman strews under the television people as if they have spontaneously occurred to him. Now the pale curly hairstyle has exchanged the office fug for fresh air. Joe Grossman strikes.

That is he runs in the circle as it is usual with a strike in America. On a drafty corner of the Battery of park, acoustically accompanies from rattling pneumatic hammers, he turns small rounds. " On of strike ", stands on his transparency. This is not original, it should also not be at all. " In addition the thing is too serious ", says Grossman.

Hardest it meets the ironic niche of the television nation, the Late Night shows where stars rub themselves like Jay Leno, Jon Stewart and Dave Letterman viciously against the political everyday life.

They everything let for a long time sent run once again what is about in such a way as if only announcements of the last month came in the news. " Is sorry us ", regret both Stangel brothers, Eric and Justin, the bosses of Lettermans to 10-headed author's team. With anxious looks they tell about the last strike, that of 1988. It lasted 22 weeks, the shows lost ten percent of her spectators, most which switched off, did not come again."

You get the dollars, we the peanuts

Still, here they want to get through. " Did you know that half of the writers earns not enough to be able to afford a health insurance? ", asks Eric Stangel.

Joe Grossman has Letterman, quite humorously, another ten tips leave with which jokes he could fill the break. With all nice stereotypes: " Bush stupidly, Al Gore a lot of fat, Paris Hilton slovenly. " If in the studios the lights go out, he notes sarcastically, " has also a good side. The lack of fresh programs gives us the chance to indulge, finally, sometimes in our dearest hobby: not to read. "

VDOVault said...

This is quite good news...the PR from the WGA side should prove overwhelming.

Will be sure to get a post up at http://community.livejournal.com/wga_supporters/ ASAP

Borrego said...

My best wishes to the writers.

Anonymous said...

Love the ad idea- taking it to the people. But an important ally might still be had. The studios and networks have deep pockets and can withstand a strike- but their Achilles’ heel is their reliance on local network affiliates. These local affiliates stand to lose the most with a prolonged strike, lack the same deep pockets, and they have the ear of the networks.

What if the WGA and these same A-list stars wrote letters or called these affiliates? Preferably the local affiliates of their home town where their call/letter will carry the most weight. Imagine if Eva Longoria calls the ABC affiliate in Corpus Christi or San Antonio and reminds them they’ll soon be out of new episodes of “Desperate Housewives” and why.

If the local affiliates are aware of the perilous situation of a protracted strike, their loyalty could shift away from the AMPTP. Networks will have exhausted many of their stock of new shows to appease the affiliates for November sweeps. In most of the country January is a great time to stay in the house and watch TV- but reruns and reality will not do much for their ratings.

Determine which network has the most to lose by a protracted strike, besiege their affiliates with the stars of that channel’s shows. Maybe for once discord can be created in the AMPTP.

Loyal Union Member said...

It's curious why Sean Penn is doing this ad. For years he worked as a screenwriter and refused to join the WGA, which makes him a scab. He did nothing but badmouth the Writers Guild in the press.


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Anonymous said...

We the show watchers are the one's who suffer not the writers or anyone else involved. I get a fine for not having health insurance, and you people walk out on your high paying job and screw my TV. Maybe Pitt Or Jolie or all the other overpaid actors should support you. I'd recruit new writers and move on. People beg for jobs, besides most of the writing stinks these days. All reality crap. Get a life and go back to work!!!