Blogs Go Dark: The Fan Revolution Gains Momentum

As of this posting, twenty television-focused blogs have announced they are going dark tomorrow in support of the strike. This action was organized by the charming Liz Pardue of Glowy Box, on whose site I found that picket graphic. Earlier, Liz wrote about why she is supporting us. Check out all the sites Liz has organized and give them a bookmark why don't you! I particularly like the graphics on Ducky Does TV's strike page. Good stuff.

Darling Nikki was all over this earlier today. (She blogs like it's her job or something!) And TV Week ran a piece as well.

The blackout is part of an amazing and growing groundswell of fan support for this strike. Have you seen the numbers on that petition? LiveJournal has a WGA Supporters community. And they've been busy creating icons and graphics you can use to show where you stand. Iloveyourspace.com has designed these MySpace layouts using our black-and-red theme. Well done!

To all the fans and viewers, your support means a lot to us. Don't forget, you are why the companies exist. They listen to you, and you matter in this strike. You can impact it for the better. The most important thing to do right now is KEEP SPREADING THE WORD. We know you're engaged and writing about us. Soon, there will be some more concrete actions you can take. Very soon...

Writer Carol Tenney sent an email to a few captains that I hope she won't mind me sharing (or my minor edits).

"Saturday's LA Times had a picture of the strikers outside Fox Studios on Friday -- with the angle on a retired school teacher. It made me wonder -- why is a retired teacher coming out to picket with writers? The idealistic answer is that our actions are striking a chord with people who have been fighting unwinnable battles with unchecked corporate greed. And I think there's something to that, beacuse I'm hearing from a lot of people who are saying 'Go get 'em! I hope you writers get everything you're after.' But another possible reason is related to changes like reality tv and the Internet. The fourth wall has been smashed, and the audience is flooding into the frame."
Welcome to the frame, guys. Now let's make the conglomerates hear you.


Janelle said...

I'm trying to let everyone I know about the strike. I'm hoping in the next few days I'll have the free-time to write/e-mail the local news channels.

Two of the three biggest Broadway websites have been posting all kinds of info/pictures on the strike that's on Broadway right now. Couldn't hurt to post that on the blog.

Anonymous said...

As a would be writer, I say give the studio and the major production hell. And give them as much hell as possible.

Elena said...

I sent a letter to the editor in the Anchorage Daily News. There hasn't been jack shat on tv or in the news. And as a future writer for this guild, I'm doing whatever I can to spread the word. I believe in everything that everyone that's apart of this strike is doing. And I hope things change for the better!

Daniel S. said...

my blog is going dark as well...and it is a political blog!

Stephanie said...

I don't run a television blog (I actually run a personal finance blog), but I, too, have blacked out my blog (poorerthanyou.com) in support of you guys. You guys keep fighting, and I'll keep fighting!

EC said...

Keep on fighting the good fight!

Other than announcing the blackout, I am done for the day. I think I'll spend my non-blogging time seeing how else I can help.

Let's make this happen!

CodeWriter said...

In honor of the strike and blackout, I'm not writing any computer code for my megacorp today. The Man wants his code so he can make big money while paying me diddly. Damn The Man!

VDOVault said...

As a very active member of the LiveJournal community wga_supporters, I just wanted to say thanks for the plug and that we support you whole-heartedly. we are now more than 2000(!) members strong but have room for more and even have a few guild members and strike captains in our midst.

Go team!