Ode to The Teamsters:

WGA members passed out leaflets this morning at all the studios. The Teamsters were especially vocal in their support. They’re just as fed up as we are with The Producers (AMPTP) coming after every penny. One Teamster pitched a poster concept: a skeleton with the message, “Hey Producers, what more do you want!”

It certainly feels like the Producers would take everything from us if they could -- evident in their proposals to rollback the agreements we’ve won in the past, and now coming after our health and pension.

Thank You Teamsters for feeling our pain, and for showing us what a unified, powerful union can do!

The Producers would like nothing more than to see this be a non-union town. They work to keep various forms of writers out of our union, such as Reality writers, in an attempt to weaken our numbers. And they’re trying to negotiate a New Media agreement that would circumvent the union – trying to make it so agents negotiate deals – instead of understanding that we must have an MBA (Minimum Basic Agreement) for the work we do that goes out over the internet.

Teamsters -- thanks for showing us how to stand strong. We appreciate every encouraging word and honk of the horn!

Union Solidarity! United Hollywood!

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