Dave McNary and Jonathan Handel have the WGA on the Couch

In today's Variety, what are we to make of Dave McNary's "WGA set to walk away...but when?"? He and Jonathan Handel analyze the mind-set of the WGA. Like yesterday's LA Times-Patrick Goldstein article that described writers as a cantankerous, often tipsy bunch, Dave McNary takes writers to task for being less strategic, reasonable, and enlightened, compared to the DGA or the AMPTP. His summary of Handel's overview makes the objectives of the strike seem hardly worth fighting for.

Am I overly-sensitive or did the entire front page of Variety today reflect an anti-WGA bias?

Michael Flemming and Pamela McClintock's "Studio plans in place" sounds like an AMPTP PR leaflet, describing in detail how smart the producers have been to fill up their pipeline. Josef Adalian and Michael Schneider's "Qualm Before the Storm" shows the negative impact a strike would have on the TV talk shows, causing hardships for the audience. They rightly point out how the strike will potentially impact new shows that are just finding their audiences.

Implicitly, all the articles suggest that writers will cause untold grief for very little gain and, luckily, the producers have had enough foresight to end run a potential work stoppage by ordering up as many scripts as possible.

Feels like spin to me.

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